Our Beginnings

Dear Customer,

Probably you are wondering who we are and how our company and products came into existence? Everything happened as a result of a few random events. One day, Mircea was sitting in a restaurant waiting for his lunch to be served. To pass time, he was scrolling through YouTube videos. Who knew that one video showing a young man riding elegantly an electric unicycle would captivate his interest and imagination in a such way, that he decided to buy one of those futuristic looking machines and learn to ride it, no matter how long it would take. Two months later, he bought his first electric unicycle. It was a Ninebot One E+. The riding learning curve wasn't very steep. A week after practicing daily in the hallway of his house, he begun venturing on the alleys of the park from his neighborhood. As the time goes by, his riding skills got better and soon the Ninebot One E+ could not satisfy his needs for a greater speed and a longer range. A year later, he purchased a more performant machine a King Song KS18L. With time, his riding skills improved significantly. The feel of riding the electric unicycle was bliss. However, something was not working as it should. It was the shoes he was wearing. His skateboard shoes were good for riding, but there was a lack of good wheel control, and sometimes at higher speeds the wheel would wobble. Least but not last, the foot fatigue was present too. In other words his shoes were not the most adequate piece of equipment for the EUC riding. He researched the internet in hope that he will find the most suitable pair of shoes for his electric unicycle rides. To his surprise, he learned that many other riders were looking for the same thing: a shoe good for EUC riding.

One day, he took an old pair of running shoes and cut into their sole a slot in the shape of the EUC pedals. Just by doing that he obtained an improved maneuverability of the electric unicycle unit. From that day on, the pursuit of developing a shoe specially designed for riding the EUC has begun. After two years of work on this project, his idea of creating an electric unicycle shoe turned into reality. In November 2020 the development of the very first EUC shoe was completed. The first electric unicycle shoe was named "RYDER-1". The name was inspired by the resemblance of the protective gear worn by the electric unicycle riders to the body armor of mounted medieval knights.

Shortly after, another model of EUC shoe was created for the riders who want to display a more relaxed and casual look. Consequently, the shoe was named "LEISURE-1". Finally, for the riders who want to push the limits of their riding skills, there is the third shoe model named "Performance-1". 

The trade name of the company: KINETIC D.L. (D.L. stands for Design Lab.) came from the desire of portraying as accurately as possible the state of motion (velocity) displayed by the electric unicycle riders.


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